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Tag: Patriarchat

Alone as a couple - a pandemic of commitment-phobia and apathy?

Am Anfang der Beziehung scheint alles wunderbar, mehr noch, ein Partner wie aus dem Bilderbuch, die Erfüllung aller Sehnsüchte. Nach einiger Zeit zeigen sich die ersten Fluchttendenzen, dann, wenn es zu irgendwelchen Konfrontationen kommt, auch wenn diese noch lange nicht ernst oder gravierend sind. Ich erkenne die Anzeichen, ignoriere sie aber geflissentlich, zu verlockend ist der Traum, dass diese Beziehung wirklich etwas ganz Besonderes werden könnte. Außerdem tut die Zuneigung und Aufmerksamkeit nach der letzten großen Katastrophe einfach gut. Sie lädt dazu ein, die Wunden zu lecken und das angeschlagene Selbstwertgefühl wieder aufzubauen. Sechs Jahre später sitze ich hier...

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Book recommendation: "The End of Marriage" by Emilia Roig

A revolutionary analysis of patriarchal power structures Emilia Roig's non-fiction book, The End of Marriage, takes us on a fascinating journey through the power structures of patriarchy as manifested in the institution of marriage. With remarkable candour and sound arguments, Roig critiques the patriarchal power embedded in marriage and shows how women are systematically exploited and oppressed. The book is divided into several chapters, each of which focuses on one main topic. First, Roig highlights the influence of patriarchal and cultural patterns on our choice of partners and our understanding of love. She describes the effects of inequality in relationships and...

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Love in Patriarchy: How notions of romantic love in relationships perpetuate gender inequality

As the legal equality of women and men increases, oppression penetrates more and more into the emotional level of relationships. Patriarchy skilfully uses narratives and ideologies about romantic love to maintain its power structures. This article explores how patriarchy shapes notions of romantic love and how this affects the classic heterosexual relationship. Shaping notions of romantic love From an early age, girls learn that their worth depends on male attention and romantic feelings, while boys are encouraged to seek freedom and adventure. This continues into adulthood and is reinforced by traditional fairy tales,...

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Mother bashing: a patriarchal trap we must escape from

As a feminist mother, I often feel burdened by a phenomenon that weakens us women on so many levels: mother-bashing. It has become a sad part of our society that mothers are criticised, judged and belittled. But why are we doing this to ourselves, and why is this another tool of the patriarchy to keep us in its clutches? We live in a world that constantly places unrealistic expectations on us. As mothers, we are expected to be perfect housewives, have a career, raise our children in the best possible way and always look good. No wonder we find ourselves in a constant state of pressure and comparison...

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